Wicked witch of the West Coast

Witchy_womanThough she isn’t my first Strava picture, I’m launching my blog with this dour wench because she is, to date, my biggest (and if the reaction on Strava is any indication, my most popular).

Her portrait required 85.9 kilometres of cycling. Several parts of her profile – her brow, her nose and the top of her chin as well as her chest and withered bosom – are parts of the regular routes I ride with Tripleshot Cycling Club.

As for why I titled it “Almost as sexy as the last one…” – well, stick around. I’ll post “the last one” (which is decidedly sexy) in a day or two.

See it on Strava

About Stephen

Brand strategist and creative director by day. Hyper-competitive GPS-art obsessed cyclist most of the rest of the time.
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5 Responses to Wicked witch of the West Coast

  1. A fair amount of planning must go into this! I’ve often wondered how “Strava Artists” go about figuring out the routes to draw an image and then actually be able to follow them. A post about the entire process of creating a work of art such as this would be great!


    • Stephen says:

      Hey, Tempo Cyclist – the short answer is this: I start by sketching them out on a map, and then I type out the turn-by-turn directions for reference as I ride. Of course, those are just the pragmatics. There’s a lot more to the creative process of conceiving, designing and actually riding the routes. I do plan to write a post (or, more likely, a series of posts) about my process, as a lot of people have asked that very question.

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