The beauty of chin-warts and nose-whiskers

Wicked witch of the West Coast • Strava art by Stephen Lund on the streets of Victoria BC garmin gps strava art cycling cyclist bicycle gps-tracking

Including a few fine details (like my West Coast witch‘s chin wart and nose hairs) will add another dimension of impressiveness to your Strava doodles.

After I scrawled a bike-writing message on the cobbled streets of Bucerias a couple days ago, a fellow Strava member commented, “I just noticed the accented e’s – that’s attention to detail!”

I heard similar remarks after I sketched Wicked witch of the West Coast (“Geez – she’s even got a wart on her chin and a couple hideous hairs growing out of her nose!”) and my Strava giraffe (“When I zoomed in, I saw that you went up and down both sides of the highway to make the fringe of the giraffe’s tail. Impressive!”)

Yes, there is beauty in simplicity; and I’ve seen many outstanding Strava doodles free of “warts and whiskers.” But in my limited experience as a Strava doodler, I’ve found the creations that get the most exuberant reviews and draw the most enthusiastic expressions of awe are those that include a few small but thoughtful details.

Happy doodling!

About Stephen

Brand strategist and creative director by day. Hyper-competitive GPS-art obsessed cyclist most of the rest of the time.
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