Enormous T. rex has enormous hissy-fit at Oak Bay Marina

Enormous Tyrannosaurus rex – the handiwork of Strava artist Stephen Lund • Victoria BC Garmin GPS Strava art T. rex dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus rex Oak Bay Marina

Good grief. Could someone please toss this pathetic creature a handful of herring?

Discriminatory food service was the apparent cause of a thunderous ruckus near the Oak Bay Marina on Saturday morning, when an enormous Tyrannosaurus rex threw an enormous temper-tantrum – all because of three plump seals and some frozen fish from the Marina gift shop .

Witnesses report that tourists had been feeding frozen herring to the spoiled harbour seals that bob like lazy fishing floats near Oak Bay Marina while T. rex stood by, begging pathetically with his useless forelimbs outstretched. But nobody flung any fish-bits his way, so Mr. T started roaring and hissing and kicking up an almighty fuss.

“King of the tyrant lizards” my butt. More like king of the panty-waisted crybabies.

NOTE: The T. rex in pictured here has had a little dental work. Due to a GPS and/or Garmin glitch, my ride as it appears on Strava is missing a number of teeth. I put them back in with Photoshop. What you see here is the route as planned and as ridden. Needless to say, Mr. T wasn’t the only creature in Oak Bay having a hissy fit today.

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2 Responses to Enormous T. rex has enormous hissy-fit at Oak Bay Marina

  1. @shane says:

    The shop definitely needs to see this! Awesome dinosaur!


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