A nude dude named David

Neoclassical GPS art – a great excuse for doodling GPS genitals!

Michelangelo's Statue of David by GPS artist Stephen Lund • Victoria BC Garmin GPS Strava art YYJ neoclassical art nude nudity statue

The nude dude that I doodled is David – Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece…but I was really just looking for an excuse to join the worldwide community of penis-doodlers

When Bicycling Magazine writer Molly Hurford interviewed me a few weeks back, she asked if I knew of any other people making GPS art.

I spoke of a couple of notables – England’s David Taylor (of giant New Forest bicycle fame) and Baltimore’s prolific ‘GPSerist’ Michael Wallace – and then I mentioned that a lot of cyclists and runners draw penises, which seem to be popular as a point of entry (no pun intended) into GPS artistry (see gallery of images below).

Little did I know this would end up in Molly’s most excellent article:

“I hear a lot about people drawing penises,” Lund says. “It seems weirdly popular. And maybe I would do that one day, but it would be on a statue of David, to give it some context.”

Well, ever since the article appeared on bicycling.com on August 31, I’ve been feeling a strange sense of urgency to join the worldwide community of penis-doodlers…with some neoclassical context, of course.

See it on Strava *

* Note: The GPS points will render correctly only if you are logged in at Strava.com

For your amusement and viewing pleasure, I’ve put together a small gallery of GPS penises that I found on Strava.com…

Gallery of GPS penises genitalia Strava art GPS art

1. Heather Gow-Carey • strava.com/activities/116083006
2. Word Runner • strava.com/activities/94458006
3. Aston • strava.com/activities/18625394
4. Word Runner • strava.com/activities/114399403
5. Pete Rees • strava.com/activities/179637713
6. Eric Westcott • strava.com/activities/95165329

About Stephen

Brand strategist and creative director by day. Hyper-competitive GPS-art obsessed cyclist most of the rest of the time.
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7 Responses to A nude dude named David

  1. O.o

    Best blog ever!

    Thank you for showing us your dick pics! These are amazing!

    When I readd blogs, I often come across context that I find great off color humor in, but refrain from commenting. Upon first glance at this blog, I thought “Oh no! How am I not tto comment about the peni…. hey! cool”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephen says:

      Aww, thanks Ms Douchet. Or may I call you Chuckles? Glad you enjoyed the gallery of male oddities. The “artist” responsible for specimen #4 titled his run “Horrific little chode.” I think he nailed it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jean says:

    Seriously..? Ok, at least you enjoyed the ride.. I wonder what type of reader reaction would be for boobs..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Luwak says:

    A much improved GPS dick you’ll likely appreciate https://www.strava.com/activities/831504763

    Liked by 1 person

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