How does the Easter Bunny stay healthy?

Happy Easter 2015 Easter bunny Easter egg • Strava art by Stephen Lund Victoria BC Garmin GPS Strava art cycling cyclist bicycle

Victoria’s Stravadoodler wishes you a Happy Easter!

He gets oodles of ‘eggs-ercise’ as he hops to and fro delivering Easter treats.

So does Victoria’s Stravadoodler as he pedals to and fro doodling giant bunnies and Easter greetings.

It took 75+ kilometres of cycling to Strava-sketch this Easter message and the big Easter Bunny who’s holding an ‘egg-citing’ gift just for you.

Happy Easter!

See it on Strava

About Stephen

Brand strategist and creative director by day. Hyper-competitive GPS-art obsessed cyclist most of the rest of the time.
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4 Responses to How does the Easter Bunny stay healthy?

  1. Jean says:

    You probably get to eat a few extra chocolates for all this energy you’re expending!

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  2. Stephen says:

    Jean…I will definitely use it as an excuse to overindulge on Easter goodies!


  3. Brilliant, simply brilliant! Plus a sneaky KOM in the process!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Stephen says:

    That KOM was MY Easter egg!


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