Kangaroo with a flair for irony

Kangaroo for my followers in Australia • Strava art by Stephen Lund Victoria BC Garmin GPS Strava art cycling cyclist marsupial kangaroo

As requested by one of my followers in Australia…a Strava kangaroo!

If you’ve seen my doodles on Strava.com, you’ll know that many appear upside down – my Strava giraffe, mermaid, armadillo and sea serpent, for example. (Here on my blog, I’ve flipped them over for ease of viewing.)

The reason is simple. As a Strava artist, I’m a slave to the roads and pathways that comprise my canvas. I don’t ‘create’ my Strava doodles – I discover them in the city map. Sometimes they’re right-side up; sometimes they’re upside down; sometimes they’re sideways.

Still, the upside-down-ness of many of my doodles has spawned comments and wisecracks about my tendency to cater to my followers Down Under. (“Still doing them for our Australian cousins, I see,” a fellow Strava artist recently remarked.)

It strikes me as ironic, then, that my first Strava-sketch of an Australian critter, which I purposefully designed and doodled for my friends in Australia, popped out of the map right-side up!

See it on Strava

About Stephen

Brand strategist and creative director by day. Hyper-competitive GPS-art obsessed cyclist most of the rest of the time.
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2 Responses to Kangaroo with a flair for irony

  1. Chris Dalton says:

    So my running group knocked out some art this morning. Would be great to send it to you

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