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A wild pack of Year-of-the-Dog doodles

AeroDog is the latest addition to my growing collection of canine GPS Doodles In the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. So to join my already-doodled canine collection featured below (including Doggie Do(odle), Growly Dog with a … Continue reading

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Q: What do you get when you cross a llama with a dog?

A: This atrocity (a Llabrador retriever, I guess) Sometimes a GPS Doodle just can’t decide what it wants to be. The shape I spotted in the map (below) looked decidedly like a llama; but when I started to flesh out … Continue reading

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Turtle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety

My biggest doodle to date, covering a canvas of 109 million square metres! Seventeen months ago – in April 2015 – I hosted my first GPS Doodling ride-along. I planned two Doodles for the occasion – something Star Wars themed and this huge Teenage … Continue reading

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The ongoing antics of a tail-tugging Thug

Musclebound Thug monkeys arounds…much to the dismay of a hungry little monkey Musclebound Thug goes bananas for long tails. After his epic fail in tail-tugging a few days ago, the big ape got down to monkey business. And what better way to … Continue reading

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Guess who’s back [hint: he’s a thug]

Musclebound Thug is back…with a quirky little zoology lesson It’s no secret that Musclebound Thug likes catching reptiles by the tail. (It’s a #thuglife thing – something that titillates his puny reptilian brain.) But today, his antics got interrupted by … Continue reading

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Great big seahorse

This huge Hippocampus, which I doodled nine days ago, isn’t so much a lesson in marine biology as it is a lesson in paying attention while you’re GPS-doodling. I’d actually set out to do my seahorse doodle a day earlier, but I … Continue reading

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Hoppy Easter 2016…and a very big bunny

Calgary’s a big city. And since I happen to be in Calgary for the Easter weekend, I figured I ought to do a big Easter doodle. 100 kilometres (62 miles)…I guess that’s pretty big. SEE IT ON STRAVA * * Note: The GPS … Continue reading

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