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The owl and the (almost) pussycat

A way better doodle than the ugly cat it started out as! A few weeks ago, I went for a quick Saturday spin that had the makings, I thought, of a cat’s face. Using that route as a starting point, … Continue reading

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Cheep thrills on my bicycle

A YYJ birdie inspired by Strava’s Global Heat Map I find inspiration for my GPS Doodles in all sorts of places. Many begin as shapes that emerge as I pore over a city map. Others I go looking for to celebrate special occasions … Continue reading

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The ongoing antics of a tail-tugging Thug

Musclebound Thug monkeys arounds…much to the dismay of a hungry little monkey Musclebound Thug goes bananas for long tails. After his epic fail in tail-tugging a few days ago, the big ape got down to monkey business. And what better way to … Continue reading

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Great big seahorse

This huge Hippocampus, which I doodled nine days ago, isn’t so much a lesson in marine biology as it is a lesson in paying attention while you’re GPS-doodling. I’d actually set out to do my seahorse doodle a day earlier, but I … Continue reading

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A GPS Nod to a Worthy Adversary

As a long-time cyclist, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins and close-calls with critters both wild and domestic. I’ve had bees in my helmet and wasps in my jersey; I’ve been swooped by hawks and harassed by ravens; I’ve … Continue reading

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Lazy sea lion soaks up the sun near Royal Victoria Yacht Club

I sketched this big fella several weeks ago, on a sunshiny afternoon in mid-July. It’s the type of GPS doodle I like best, where 100% of the picture follows the streets of the city and my ride follows one continuous … Continue reading

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The one that got away

Enormous butterfly on the lam from Butterfly Gardens It’s blustery in Victoria today. And those gusty winds, it appears, picked up the biggest, reddest specimen from Butterfly Gardens some 20 km up the peninsula and deposited it smack dab in the … Continue reading

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